Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis (or opinion analysis or opinion monitoring) allows an organization (mostly companies, but also political parties, government bodies etc.) to be constantly up-to-date with what people think of it and its products on the web. In its most basic form, a sentiment analysis application scans a number of social media websites looking for reference to the target entity (a company, an institution, a product) and, for each reference, it reports whether the opinion is positive or negative or neutral (or if it is not an opinion at all). Together with the polarity of the opinion, the system provides a set of structured data (the user name, the date, the source, etc.), suitable for any corporate information system, ranging from Business Intelligence platforms to standard reporting systems.

Ho2S (formerly known as CELI-France) has been active in the field of sentiment analysis since 2006 and has adapted the concept of sentiment analysis in countless ways, for a wide range of clients. Here are some examples:

  • Fuzziness: there are many cases when knowing if an opinion is just positive or negative is of limited interest. In certain domains we develop solution which put each polarity on a scale from 0 to 3 to be able to grade the strength of the opinion.
  • Cross-dimensionality: you might want to discover not only the opinions regarding a certain entity, but opinions on features of this entity. For instance, you might want to know opinions concerning the aesthetics of a certain car model, or about the trustworthiness of a certain political personality, about the sustainability of a certain company, etc. Ho2S is able to provide this structured information, which can be summarized in the relation “what your customer/user thinks about X (e.g. a product) with respect to Y (e.g. a quality/feature of the product).
  • Psychological orientation: In many cases you might not necessarily be interested in knowing the opinion (positive v.s. negative) expressed in a text, but rather the psychological orientation. Typically, in contexts such as opinion polls carried out by public administration and management surveys, one may wish to detect nuances such as fear, anger, disappointment, etc. A special functionality of our sentiment analysis platform, thanks to wide sets of manually configured rules, allows it to perform exactly this task.
  • Multilinguality: Thanks to the collaboration with international organizations, we can provide a feature which is crucial in today’s communications, namely multilingualism. We are currently able to deal with French, English and Italian, while German and Spanish will be available soon.
  • Sentiment Analysis as a Service

    While sentiment and opinion analysis are already interesting applications in themselves, their value becomes crucial when combined with other corporate information, such as sales, web site frequentation, marketing campaigns, quantitative product features etc. We all know that this integration is a delicate matter and each company makes use of its own (more or less customized) reporting system. For this reason, sentiment analysis is mostly available as a web service. The company can create the client in its favorite programming environment and integrate the results of the analysis with its own reporting system, customer relationship management platform etc.

  • Sentiment Analysis as a Platform

    For customers wishing to profit from an off-the-shelf, easy to use solution, we can offer an opinion monitoring console as a software service. To this end, Ho2S has developed a Kibana web-based application (based on an ElasticSearch server) which provides the graphical and infrastructure layer to the intelligence of SentiMiner.