Bruxelles, 9 October 2014.

The final conference of the TRIAL project took place in Bruxelles, in front of a large audience of experts in the sector of chemical supply chain. A customized version of Senti-Miner was presented in that occasion: the platform constantly scans social networks looking for textual signals that could denote a possible risk in a specific region: it is available in English, French and Italian.


Project Description:

The main objective of TRIAL is to develop a knowledge management system in order to prevent potential threats to chemical goods supply chain
(production, storage, transportation). This aim is coherent with the following goals identified in the EU CBRN Action Plan:
– Develop EU lists of high-risk CBRN materials and risk-based approaches to security (TRIAL will establish a list of high-risk chemical goods, assessing its
potential for being used for malicious purposes and the possible impact)
– Enhance the security of high risk CBRN materials and facilities (TRIAl will develop criteria on assessing security arrangements at high-risk chemical
– Enhance control over high risk CBRN materials (TRIAL will investigate on potential risks associated with trade of chemicals over the Internet, on potential
security gaps in the supply chain)
– Improve the identification and reporting of suspicious transactions and behaviour (TRIAl will develop guidelines for the industry, the public authorities and
the research community containing criteria identifying the forms of behaviour, in relation to transactions, which may give rise to suspicion)
– Enhance the security of transport (TRIAL will exchange good practices concerning the transport of chemical goods and identify security requirements for
logistics enterprises for the transport of high-risk materials)